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I'm trying to build a small wheeled robot that is powered by a battery that is charged by a small solar panel. The idea is that the robot stops trying to move until there is a sufficient charge and then moves until the charge drops. The solar charging needs to be itelligent so that it maintains the battery in good health and does not overcharge it or allow it to over-discharge. An Arduino needs to be powered as well as the two small electric motors for the wheels.

The main problem I'm having is finding a solar charging manager that can handle the load which I think might peak at 2A due to the elecric motors which I planned on driving through an H-Bridge circuit.

The very promising DFRobot DFR0535 module is perfect other than the fact that is can only provide 9V at 0.5A to the H-Bridge.

Any comments gratefully received.

Dear myked, you will need the charger for the solar panel-battery side, whenever there is sunlight, the charger will do its job, IMHO you won't need a 2A charger there. Battery-load side can be under control of the arduino, it can check the battery voltage through its analog inputs, and when its below the threshold value it stops. You can start doing this by a literature search, similar projects, schematics, and then constructing your own schematic.


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