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--- Quote ---Just curious: why would a flanged bolt need a washer? 
--- End quote ---

Thanks for asking because I've wondered myself.

I'm guessing to reduce the force on the bolt head. The M12 bolt goes through a bracket which goes through a sleeve and the (what I call) knuckle rotates on it as the car bounces, so I imagine the constant rubbing may wear down the flange. What I also don't get is the fully threaded bolt goes through a sleeve. As the car goes up and down and the arm rotates, it will wear the threads and the threads will wear out the insert thus making it sloppy over time.

From what I'm seeing though, this isn't the case as the rust has provided a nice thick filler for any cracks. It's been so nice that I spent lots of time trying to remove these bolts; and didn't give up because they were annoying me.

The washer on the M12 is about 26mm with the bolt flange being 25mm. The washer on the M10 bolt is about 28mm with the bolt flange being 20mm.

As I've mentioned, trying to find exact parts with features that don't alter the function (i.e. a tapered head or a washer that's pressed onto the bolt threads) isn't really important. A solid bolt with a washer should do just fine.

Usually I use these moments to learn and figure out how to obtain the actual (in this case) bolts should this be a project that required precision or whatever.


--- Quote from: Benta on June 07, 2022, 11:08:32 pm ---Just curious: why would a flanged bolt need a washer?

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The flange and the captive washer are both hardened and have an appropriate surface to control friction and torque without galling the surface underneath. 

Probably these?



Wrong pitch on both.

I saw that site earlier, but also clicked on the links and noticed the pitch is wrong.

Another hiccup on McMaster is the flange bolts for the M12 only comes in partially threaded, however, a slight possibility it doesn't have enough threads (I need to remeasure tomorrow).

I can buy a fully threaded non flange, but most likely the flange adds a level of strength.


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