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Steel Round Tube For Bearing Housings???....

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As I have tried to explain, I don't think a "scrap" yard, aka junk yard will be productive for something that is not ordinary pipe.  You will have more luck with something associated with a steel distributor or fabricator.  Some, of course, sell their scrap as such by weight; others have a separate yard to put the cut-offs and usable waste (e.g., old dies). 

I am sure there are plenty in the industrial areas of LA.  In the immediate area  (< 50 miles) near my home in Cleveland are: Spee-D-Metals (not the internet store by a similar name), Metal Store, Steel Supply, Lakewood Steel, HGR Industrial (industrial machines & surplus), and two others whose names escape me right now.  That is not a complete list, I am sure.  Those are just places I have bought from in the past 10 years.  Metal Store may be out of business now.

How much actual searching have you done on the Internet or Yellow Pages (if that still exists in LA)?  Failing that, find an independent steel distributor  and make a phone call.  I have found such businesses are quite friendly with hobbyists and will be able to point you to where they sell their cutoffs and scrap.

I'm actually really happy with the sch80 pipe for the bearing housings this thread was originally talking about.   That's a good solution using generic off the shelf materials I can get anywhere.  All good there.

My local metal supplier is awesome and has lots of good rem and cutoffs that I look through often.  That's great.  I got a little off track with the scrap yard question.  That's more a general inquiry than having to do with hearing housings. 

Alco metals in San Jose and San Leandro sells all sorts of remnants, drops etc. by the pound. There may be a similar source near you. 
I used to buy metal there when I needed it; prices were high but not outrageous; the more you bought, the cheaper the price.  If you wanted a piece cut, the price went up accordingly, but if you bought as-is pieces, they were generally much cheaper than regular metal suppliers. They had lots of different shapes and alloys and they were quite well organized.
I haven't been there in over 20 years but it certainly fit the description of the type of scrap seller you are looking for.


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