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Steel Round Tube For Bearing Housings???....

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I'm looking to make some custom spindles with tapered roller bearings like these:

1.25"ID, 2.32"OD = https://www.surpluscenter.com/Brands/Dura-Roll/1-25-ID-2-32-OD-0-625-Wide-Cup-Cone-Tapered-Roller-Bearing-Set-Dura-Roll-LM67048-LM67010-1-5524.axd

1.5"ID, 2.56"OD = https://www.surpluscenter.com/Brands/Dura-Roll/1-50-ID-2-56-OD-0-71-Wide-Cup-Cone-Tapered-Roller-Bearing-Set-Dura-Roll-LM29749-LM29710-1-5534.axd

I feel like turning the bearing housings out of solid 3" round bar is a waste of steel, but I'm not finding any suitable thick wall tube or pipe that's available and less expensive.  I know we are in a steel shortage, but I figured there would be more thick wall tube options in this size range.

What am I missing?  What tube would you make a bearing housing out of for these tapered roller bearings?

Bronze? Last time I had to machine bearing collars for some one way bearings I got a 12" length of 4x3 Bronze bush. There was a full range of sizes available with good overlaps. Mill a flat on it and then screw  a steel base maybe.

Schedule 80 Pipe (think that is still the USA standard) would be ok on the bigger one in 2 1/2" but neither 2 or the 2 1/2 will suit the smaller one. It is generally the thickest wall section available in the smaller sizes but you might find 120 or 160 if you get lucky.

I need to weld them to some other parts, so it has to be steel.  Brazing won't work for this one.

I know I can get whatever I want from mcmaster, but paying $97.52 for 1 foot of 2-1/2" Sch80 is not going to happen.... ($8.12/in)

I can still get 3" hot rolled A36 solid round bar cut to length for cheaper (before this steel shortage, WAY cheaper):
$615 for 20ft = about $2.56 an inch

Sounds like you have your question answered then ;) As I don't currently have accesses to a Lathe I have just been pushing the job to a local shop and leaving the decisions to them whenever a need comes up. Last job was a run of 24 small 2" Bushes for bearings and they wanted under $10USD for each and the larger job could easily afford it. I doubt I could have made them for less if I charged my time on making them even with a Lathe.

Your other option might be find a Cast bearing carrier close to size and machine it out and push/shrink a bronze bush into any gap. Still means a mechanical fastener into your frame/build then is all.

Hmm.  MandK does have 2-1/2 Sch80 listed and it's cheaper than solid. 

I wonder if they actually have any stock.  Gotta make some calls tomorrow it looks like.

These things are trailer axle bearings, so I was looking at turning down cheap wheel hub housings, but that still seems silly. 


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