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Stepper motor to drive a lathe tailstock

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I think a motor like this would do it

but I can't work out whether the controller will accept a simple

- potentiometer for the speed
- toggle switch for velocity

Better still would be a pot with a joystick, spring loaded to centre (zero speed) and push left (to drive in) and push right (to extract).

The people who sell these are not replying to any questions.

Can anyone recommend something off the shelf?

Many thanks in advance.

Motors + drivers like this are almost always step + direction input. You set the direction input either high or low to control motor direction, and then pulse the step input based on the number of steps per rev the driver/motor is configured for.

You will need to add a separate motion control system to plan the motion and generate the driver pulses, especially if you want nice things like acceleration. You could use something like an Arduino with your own code, or running a firmware like GRBL to interpret G-code, or even some simple logic and a 555. Or you can just buy something like this https://www.ebay.com/itm/313508538752?hash=item48fe90a980:g:G3AAAOSwMxRgh6hc

The documentation for this CL57T driver on StepperOnline seems reasonable...

It explains it to you right in the listing photos: "Pulse/Direction 5V compatible input".
No need to ask the seller, they probably don't have a detailed understanding of this item, as they just dropship.

Here is another pulse gen: https://www.aliexpress.com/item/4001178849568.html

If you just care about direction, speed, and rotation, and not absolute values, this should be easy to setup electrically. You don't need a closed loop unit, but its nice to have.


--- Quote from: peter-h on April 05, 2022, 03:13:22 pm ---Can anyone recommend something off the shelf?

--- End quote ---

a cheap battery drill

I am surprised there isn't an integrated fwd/back/speed controller because they exist for 3 phase brushless motors; most of the "inverters" have exactly this function. Unfortunately I would need a gearbox...


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