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The K40 laser cutter/engraver - My journey into the laser world.

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Yep and even go larger than the Fan size for the front opening and duct to reduce losses. Your fan will be better than the stock one so that is a plus  :)

Also not sure what the K40 cutting chamber is like for extra 'speed holes' but mine was like swiss cheese for reasons unknown so initially mine pulled air from everywhere else but the front of the bed  :palm: Duct Tape would work or magnetic sheet or because you own a Laser https://www.eevblog.com/forum/mechanical-engineering/40w-300x200mm-laser-cutter-engraver-vollerun/msg2460816/#msg2460816 Really worth sealing as much as possible.

That is one thing I will be looking at in greater detail - especially after having seen Russ Sadler's journey.  Getting a solid stream across the working area is going to help clear the machine more effectively.

(I still haven't plugged it in yet.  But I have checked the fan.... it's not too shabby.)

Finding time for this is frustrating - especially since I have to dig out my woodworking gear from the garage (really used as an oversize storage unit) which has had random stuff just dumped in there.  Also, Murphy will be laughing his head off as, on the first day I have clear, it is raining.  This prevents me from sorting anything unless I want it - and me - getting wet.  Also, it's cold with just enough air movement to make it really uncomfortable.

I have decided to not do any modifications to the unit at this time - just to make up a cabinet on wheels for it to sit on and be right out of the way when not in use.  Water system will live inside the cabinet, as will the blower and ducting.  I'll roll it out from the wall and deploy the blower and ducting when I want to burn something.

Had a minor issue with the 3DP air duct adapter.  Layer adhesion failure at the change of contour which extended across half the layer.  Addressed with application of superglue, assisted with a dusting of sodium bicarb.

Again, with all the enabling that Bean could muster, there is now a new chapter to this journey:

A new journey begins.... Omnisign 4000 1390 CO2 laser cutter


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