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threaded collet to put in the middle of something to attach a rod to?

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the potentiometer locking collet maybe, the speedfit is way too big from the looks of it, it is supposed to still look like a gear when you are done

But if it was made of steel it would be better, somewhat stronger.

Does it look something more like this then? https://www.mcmaster.com/bushings/bushings-for-chain-and-belt-drives/quick-grip-screw-clamp-bushings/

search for 5C collets and holders; the collets themselves are threaded on the outside and allow through holding

yeah, that looks like it would work. I need to look at it more closely but damn, that price is high. I thought this part might be $10-15, not $60, I mean the bushing, I have one of those 5c collets but they are gigantic

I think that collet is still a bit tall though, 19mm for a 3mm shaft, the equivalent of  the one I saw would be like 4-5mm for a 10mm shaft.

You can buy a simple drill collet like this


then just cut an M4 thread (or whatever your local units are - 3/16" ?) on the part that has the setscrew


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