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threaded collet to put in the middle of something to attach a rod to?

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they are all still tooo tall, let me dig through the trash the find the remains of the one I have to give you a spec, but its cut in half and mangled

Yeah, if you NEED it, McMaster has it. I haven't seen them beat anyone's price in 50 years.
This also looks similar and may not be much cheaper https://www.fennerdrives.com/micro/
But maybe an image search will list some competing devices.

Brass compression fitting from the plumbing aisle?

A SS Swagelok would probably work fine. A friend had a spotting scope stand made out of stainless tube and rod with a SS Swagelok fitting for height adjustment. Light finger tight it had no problem holding a old heavy Bushnell Spacemaster.   

I thought about it, their all bulky, the part I have is steel and measures

0.9cm tall(when fully tightened, so the nut fits flush with the collet at 1cm), 1.1cm wide, the nut on top is 1.6cm (so its wider then the collet), it goes into a smooth bore btw, and it works great

fits on 1/4 inch shaft

so when I put it on 2 stacked gears, it protudes 2mm from the top and 2mm from the bottom through 5mm of gears

so it just looks like a gear with a small thin nut on top when its seated, and the bottom of the gear has a bit of a lip, it does not thread into the shaft, you just drop it in the gear, put it on a shaft, tighten the screw and its mated.

I have one of the collet shaft potentiometers (just came in on ebay in old equipment), its actually taller then this thing I am describing, and also made of brass, for a much more thin shaft (1/8)

swagelok would be like a wart lol, and that works on deforming tube, I don't know how well it holds on to a solid shaft, certainly without its specification

Also I was wrong to call this one a collet, its not really a collet, its just a split tube, the other one I destroyed (which I still need to find on the bottom of a trash can some where) was split in 3 regions, the one I found on the gear just has 1 slit down the side, but it works OK for the big brass gear, its for alignment of radio parts


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