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Tool or its arrangement which would do opposite reaming

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Ok, I figured this guy wanted a hand tool. That thing is not portable. I can't think of another way to make it semi accurate portable. I can see some kind of attempt being made with a small drill press.. your process is great but will it work without the stiffness of a milling machine?

I have my doubts the lapping thing would even be satisfactory, but if you are desperate to try something...

and you need to admit you want to know what would happen if someone tried to put a OD lap on a power drill to reduce the size of a shaft end held in a vice...... :popcorn:


a hand tool ? to machine an outside surface round ( circular + cylindrical ) ?? that start to be complicated as the problem is to control feeding and centering in the same time .

In old mechanical school that a shop exercise to make a round bar from a square bar with a file and finish it by using abrassive paper but that request skills and training and more if you want to keep your round surface centred to another .

With a file that a multi flat making and control the dim with a caliper for each flat done , recut the edge to make smaller flats up to have some thing like a hectogon ( 100 flat ) and after finish by sanding to remove the edges

with a hand grinder and two wises



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