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Tool or its arrangement which would do opposite reaming

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What is the tool or its configuration/design which would do opposite reaming: lessening a rod diameter slightly quite precisely?

Tactile need is rod diameter ~ 5 - 20 mm get lessened by 0.1-0.3 mm

A Lathe

mean a portable one

There is such a thing as an "external reamer" but I think most hits are for pipe deburring tools, i.e. the blade geometry is conical to make a chamfer.  Not a cylindrical cut.

There does still seem to be something like that, but I'm guessing it's rarely used.

I'm also guessing one like this isn't very useful outside of a lathe anyway, certainly not if you want any consistency.  It looks like it's a single-point cutter too, but I can imagine one being made with multiple flutes like a regular (ID) reamer.


There is no such tool in common use. But almost anything can be made. I once made a special tool to chamfer the ends of 1/4" aluminum rods. It mounted in a hand held, electric drill.

Tell us more about what you are doing. What level of precision you need? Material? Size? One time a year or thousands of pieces a day? You know, those pesky details.

--- Quote from: abdulbadii on January 10, 2023, 01:30:32 am ---mean a portable one

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