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Unproven Design for a Pedal Car

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2007 unproven design for a pedal car / e-city tricycle
 self stabilizing tricycle geometry. head rest with roll bar.
reverse gear lever. plus 15 - 16 speeds going forward.
the basic reciprocating gearing geometry has been tested in a mock-up.
 self centering steering geometry, with 2 Meter turning cycle.
because of the design of clam shell steering wheel fairings.
pistol grip handle bars. low profile nose cone.

3 years of research went into this odd design that still can be improved upon today.
the rear steering geometry has been tested in a mock-up.
uses linear rowing technique for its twin heel supporting pedals. no toe clips needed.
can have the dull appearance tarted up for mass production.
or made as electric e-tricycle. the fiberglass body design has front and rear baggage compartments.

design background
my research into bicycle aerodynamics and HPV human powered vehicle design
as well as recumbent tricycles
problems I have seen in other designs was a poor turning cycle and steering geometry with no reverse gear.
a high centre of gravity and so the need for a wide wheel track on most recumbent tricycles.
this made them  less maneuverable than a basic bicycle and in doing so any aerodynamic advantage
of a recumbent tricycle was less appealing.
I set out to redesign the recumbent tricycle into a compact human powered vehicle the size of a bicycle
with the maneuverability of a bicycle but the aerodynamics of a recumbent tricycle.

Im now to old to complete this as a one off bespoke mechanical engineering project.
all mock-up's for this project including photography, was lost back in 2013
the only remaining art and design image was posted online -photobucket  so here it is one more time.
make for school science project idea.  see image-

Interesting design

The steer links looks fragile when you plan to use any vehicle in urban area , things shall be '' bomb proof '' to avoid vandalism or even the effect of unwanted collision , why not try a cable drive with a sector gear on the head ? something similar to drive control on outboard engine boat ?


Unnecessarily complex (=heavy and expensive).
Why does it need extra wheels for parking/reversing? Could be fixed with a little gearbox, the hub gears known for decades are small and light weight.
Rear-wheel steering is notoriously unstable and not self-correcting.
And so on.
A "solution" looking for a problem that's already been solved in better ways.


Four wheel 90 degres for parking

but for contact design a set of roller as a supermarket kart fit on jack can do the job too


If the thing is so heavy that you can't just lift it into a slot, who's going to ride/drive it? An orang-utan?


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