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Used Precision Lathe machine

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Turn the spindle by hand.

Over and out.


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--- Quote from: beanflying on August 26, 2021, 02:21:28 am ---If you can you want power feed on both axis and bigger/heavier/rigid is certainly a plus if you have the space/$$. The video below is a good starting point and watch some more of Quinn's videos to see what you can do on a smaller Lathe.

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If you want to go off the deep end, Clough's Electronic Leadscrew attachment for his Grizzly lathe.

Edit.  You can always add a digital readout (DRO) later.
Clough actually shows adding a DRO to his new milling machine.

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I have the Canadian (Chinese) version of this lathe CX706 and made my my own twist on the ELS no Launchpad required. This is a great upgrade and I can’t imagine not having a lathe, they are simply indispensable. If you end up going this direction and want to do the ELS, let me know I have a small PCB that makes it easy.


I would be interested in your design.  I really like Clough 42's, but would also like to incorporate a way to also drive the crosslide on my old Craftsman lathe that does not have either a QCGB or powered crosslide.  Not interested in full CNC, just a way to make manual machining easier.



--- Quote from: langwadt on August 25, 2021, 02:51:52 pm ---until you try with teflon, which is like hard chewing gum that move, expands, and contracts ...

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Are yes, wonderful stuff except that it looses all its useful mechanical properties above -40°C


This is the tool post of the TOYO ML-360:

as you see in the picture, the cross section of the the tool holder is 8x8, can I fit a 10x10 tool holder in the tool post? in case of using a 10x10 tool holder can I align the center of the tailstock with the cutting inserts tip? actually it's a simple tool post.
I need a larger tool post for the lathe.

can I use a Proxxon PD 250 Quick change tool post for the lathe?


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