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--- Quote from: xzswq21 on November 04, 2021, 06:26:27 am ---This is the tool post of the TOYO ML-360:
as you see in the picture, the cross section of the the tool holder is 8x8, can I fit a 10x10 tool holder in the tool post?
--- End quote ---
I presume you mean the tool bit, not tool holder.  In the US, 3/8" (9.5 mm)  and 1/2" (12.7 mm) are common.As for your question about a 10x10 tool, it appears there is at least 2 mm above the tool, so it will fit.  Can the bit holder be lowered 2 mm to keep the bit edge on center?  If not, you can sometimes put a shim under the body of the toolpost that will allow the bit holder part to be lowered a little.  My quick change holders are all Aloris brand. https://www.aloris.com/aloris_cat/31e970.pdf

--- Quote ---in case of using a 10x10 tool holder can I align the center of the tailstock with the cutting inserts tip? actually it's a simple tool post.

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Addressed above.

--- Quote ---can I use a Proxxon PD 250 Quick change tool post for the lathe?

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That depends on your compound and center dimensions.  It is likely.

Hello again
Actually I'm thinking of buying a OptiTurn TU2004V but there is no seller to sell it outside of Europe. (I have contacted them for two months)

I wanted to buy a used TOYO ML-360 but this is 22 years-old and the price is $700+$300 shipping but I should buy new transmission belts, gear change set for thread cutting and a Live center for the tailstock from South Korea (MANIX company), I think the cost is $300 to $400, plus I should buy a Quick change tool post from America and the cost is $150+$50 shipping. totally I should spend 700+300+400+200+...=$1600 or more

I found a used WABECO D4000 but the seller sold it to a person in the UK.

so I decided to think about WABECO D2000. A user suggested me to use WABECO D6000 (it's rigid and precision) but it's expensive and on the other hand I should produce precision small things.

1) in my accurate work: a rod with a 10mm diameter and 1mm grooves around it with 0.02mm accuracy!

2) in my general work: 1" Teflon/Brass rods but the accuracy is not important.

What do you think about D2000 or ML-360?

"Nothing is impossible"  But, for what you are describing, the Toyo ML-360 would be a bear to deal with.  Even if the headstock is rigid enough, just look at the compound.  It is neither rigid nor made for precision.

You apparently have little experience with lathe work and seem to be bouncing around with near impossible goals.  That is not to say that getting 0.001" (0.02 mm) accuracy cannot be done relatively easily on a decent lather, but the Toyo toy is not the machine for that.  That will become particularly evident when you try to do a single plunge cut for your grooves.

Good luck.

Actually several larhers tried to make the things I mentioned you with their big lathes but they couldn't make it. Because they don't have precision tools, precision lathes and they are not precision machine operator! So I should find a suitable lathe. Many people here have helped me a lot. On the other hand finally I could find some precision tools.

I don't know what you are referring to.  Sure, a huge lathe for turning propellor drive shafts for aircraft carriers might not be precise enough for a wristwatch, but lathes in the 9" to 14" category are.  The Monarch 10EE was one of the most precise manual lathes made.  It is "large" by some standards as it weighs about 3500 pounds, as I recall.

I wish you luck.


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