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Variable frequency drive (inverter), which to choose?

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I have very little experience with these devices.
I need it basically for various motors testing. Mainly consumer fridge motors as of now. It must have possibility to power from 1 phase 230V line. Must include local control panel, PC connectivity too. Compact size is a must. Good support is a must. I prefer it to be rather flexible for various motors and situations.

By now I have Delta VFD-EL 2.2kW. I thought it is enough before I bought it. But when I started setting it up I faced already few downsides. Size is ok, controls are ok, power reserve is ok, functionality is poor (Minimum supported rated motor current 3.3A ? Not suitable for smaller motors? No automatic motor setting? No vector mode?).
Surely VFD-E is more advanced (is it enough? remains questionable), or even more advanced MS300. Or maybe other manufacturer?

Why do people keep buying those ancient 7-segment operated devices.

Go to Danfoss or Vacon and get a unit with nice HMI that you can actually understand and configure.

Eg, find a danfoss VLT FC10x, should do what you need.

Price aside, I was unsuccessful to find any Danfoss VLT FC10x (or even any series) which accepts 1 phase 230V supply. Moreover 2.2kW (or even less powerful) Danfoss is MUCH larger in size than ancient 2.2kW Delta.

We use mainly Yaskawa drives only now. GA500 ones are really neat, lots of functionality and good support here in UK. Not all VFDs are the same and that is especially true for industrial ones. It is the internal software, which controls the motors which is important.
One thing to keep in mind, the VFDs you are looking at are best to be used as close as possible to their norminal ratings. If you want to have option to preprogram various current/voltage settings, then you need a servo drive (extra zero to the cost!). Just get a few drives to cover the currents you need. The little ones are cheap. And all major manufacturers offer 1ph-3ph drives up to 4kw rating, so again no issues there.

Yeah I see, you need the FC202 series for single phase power input. Sorry. There are just so many of them.
Eg: FC-202P1K5


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