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VHS casette case repair (foil heat sealing)


Hello, I have a question for my colleagues - cassette purists, or actually VHS cassette cases:) Has any of you ever repaired the foil for the box label? It would be nice to get at least the foil itself, which is on the VHS cases. I have one box from the collection that I would not like to replace for compositional and aesthetic reasons with another. Unless someone has one for sale.

Really no one can help? :(

It sounds pretty irreparable. Try eBay?

Well, it's super finnicky, ultra DIY, and rather an art than a procedure. Had limited success a couple of times, but it's a real pain.
Transparent part was from a paper holder. Laid it out (oversized ofc) on the case, used a piece of teflon foil to avoid melting in, and used a soldering iron with a flat tip (weller, 8).
Not talking about the white teflon tape, the teflon foil  was a replaceable cover for my grill fryer.
Keep in mind, that it will likely never look like original. Well, I couldn't make it pretty, just "working".


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