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Visions of Robots (Mostly) Past

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An amusing 'Fanvid' featuring robots (Apart from the Daleks of course...) from the 1970s and earlier to the tune of Iggy Pops 'Lust for Life'

The trailer for 'Gog' a 1954 killer robot film that didn't make the video I linked to in the OP, hopefully it'll appear in the next one.

Turns out I was wrong in my predictions about the next video, the creator has released another one, this time focusing on films from the 1970s forward (Which throws a few powersuits into the mix). One thing to watch is the spread of Japanese Anime Culture as the 21st C gets closer.

Robocop isn't a robot, he's a cyborg as there is still some human left

From an obscure 1990s straight-to-DVD film...


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