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--- Quote from: Alti on December 26, 2022, 12:58:03 pm ---
--- Quote from: beanflying on December 26, 2022, 08:44:33 am ---160A Mig/Stick box with all the modern easy set point and shoot but can be over ridden and will run Gasless or Gas, Steel, Stainless or Aluminium.
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I have never heard about 15% duty cycle rating. Usually these ratings were given in 35% and 100% ED at 10 minutes.

--- Quote ---Duty Cycle STICK:
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--- Quote ---Duty Cycle MIG:
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They exist. I have a MIG with 15% duty cycle too. It was VERY cheap.
At least not that cheap to base it off of Amps, since afaik that's pretty much constant in MIG mode (around 60 amps on mine).
It's an export so the 15% duty cycle at 24V can't be taken too seriously either. Well, at least it still works, only keeping this particular one to lend.


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