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Catch all ramble of sticking metal together by electrical means. Can likely include Spot or Laser Welding too or whatever process you like apart from maybe Gas Torch which deserves its own thread.

Youtube Resources

https://www.youtube.com/c/weldHAGOJIBI/videos Some excellent TIG based content the Auto translate to English works well and the with the teaching style doesn't matter that much anyway.

https://www.youtube.com/c/Welddotcom/videos Some of their older content in particular on MIG, Stick and TIG is excellent in particular Bob Moffats. Recently it is patchy.

https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCHNlp0SkVEuVVHNtAuRH8UA sppeaking of which I hope Bob gets this off the ground  :-+

https://www.youtube.com/c/WeldTubeHouston/videos More Pipe and heavy industry focus but worth a look.

https://www.youtube.com/c/PacificArcTigWelding/videos TIG focused content well worth a look.

https://www.youtube.com/c/TheFabricatorSeries/videos Loads of varied content but Car mods/repairs and roll frames feature.

https://www.youtube.com/c/weldingtipsandtricks/videos Can be a bit Infomercial style in parts but way more high quality advice within so look past that.

Plenty of others including some generalist Metalwork ones so add them below and I can tweak this.

Internet Resources

https://www.esabna.com/us/en/support/tools/index.cfm Lots of good apps, calculators and more on ESAB's site.

https://www.millerwelds.com/resources Millers Resource page and guides

Forums on Welding and or Fabrication

https://weldingweb.com/vbb/ Large and active Welding Forum

https://www.weld.com/ Forum and Resources to go with the YouTube content

place holder

Couple of projects I am cutting out and prepping for welding.

Which will be first the Cart or the Table is still a  :-// but I am leaning toward the table top then its base then the cart.

The Cart is based on a small steel filing cabinet I scrounged for $25 and 30x30x2mm Frame for the rest. The steel arrived last week so I can start chopping it up soon. The 'spare' spot on top is aspirational for the Plasma cutter I don't own yet

The Table in particular this table is a complete luxury item but I decided to do it properly and make the fabrication of square and accurate bits easier. 5mm Interlocking Pickled and Oiled table (certiflat style but not really) and 8mm 304 Stainless fixtures so I can swap them between my woodworking fixture table with a quick wipe. Righthand extension is a Vice mount. Same 30x30 frame and steel pegboard panels for storage of fixtures and clamps. I haven't had the cutting extension made yet and am still tweaking it to fold down.

Already done a bunch of prep on the waterjet cut bits with all the holes being reamed to 20mm and a light chamfer on both sides. 20mm is to keep compatibility with my woodworking gear but 5/8" is far more common if you are making one and has more existing clamps available. Really at a clean and prep stage for the table to get rid of a little flash rusting from the waterjet.


--- Quote from: beanflying on November 01, 2021, 04:24:13 am ---Already done a bunch of prep on the waterjet cut bits with all the holes being reamed to 20mm and a light chamfer on both sides.
--- End quote ---
Just out of curiosity - how did you specify the tolerances when placing order for fixtures? I mean, you want to receive those with holes that are smaller than 20mm.
So did you specify 20mm holes in dxf file and they know this is supposed to be reamed to 20mm afterwards so they cut the holes tad smaller?
Or rather, did you specify lets say 19.8mm knowing based on their data, that this waterjet follows dxf centerline and has a cone that blasts 0.2mm of material(0.1+0.1) on exit, and has 0.1mm positioning tolerance on top of that? I mean, this is not a super precise machinery but how did you deal with tolerances?

I supplied a slightly tapered plug (19.98-20.02mm) to the Waterjet company so he could cut a few sample holes prior and check his software kerf correction as I wanted a fairly high tolerance. When I went to see him initially he had a sampler of holes we looked at prior to finalizing the design. I did consider going to a Laser Cutter but this guy was more local and seemed up for the challenge.

For the Table parts I tweaked the holes to 20.1mm so the reamer was more of a cleanup for the small nubbin left by the cut process. There is still a slightly detectable bump so I could go in with a small drum or file but it can be done after if needed but filing a few hundred holes has little attraction.

In the case of the fixture and angle plate bits in Stainless they were cut at a tight 20mm and he tweaked the software kerf allowance for me to take them just under, generally from the ones I sampled they were running close to 19.95 +- a few and I know he fitted a brand new nozzle for this run so what the reamer was doing was minimal.

With the tabs and slots I put a 0.2mm clearance into the widths in CAD (-0.1mm either side on the tabs) and set the width of material to 5 and 8mm respectively knowing the metal was 0.2mm'ish under thickness. This is touchy feely more than precise engineering but the bits slide together and have a slight level of wiggle room to adjust and clamp before welding. I do this on my small Laser cutter with tab and slot boxes so I have a bit of practice.

So between the slight fit allowance of the table to fixture bits I will easily be able to hold sub 0.5mm across it without any real stress or checking. The reality of welding anything is it pushes and distorts as you go but the more square and accurate you start the closer you finish.


Last of the Table base bits arrived in the form of Leveling Casters eBay auction: #373720715093

Stash of M20x40 Hex headed screws and half nuts in 304 Stainless which against Black Steel was not that much more expensive.  :o Reason for the half nuts was partly cost but also the 40mm length will get me full engagement through 18-19mm of timber and a fixture for use on my timber tables. Somewhat unsurprisingly I lack the 17mm AF Hex Key so just one more thing to add to the list.


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