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What is the Name of this Spur Gear Assembly

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I have a project in mind that would require something similar in the attached. I could 3D print it (which is where I got the picture from), but I'd rather buy something more sturdy.

Does anyone know the name of this setup so I can search for them?

Generically, it converts rotary motion to linear or visa versa.  I would call it a rack and pinion drive/leveler/adjuster/etc.  Older steering in cars was one common example.  Too many applications to list.

I'll try searching for that.

Makes sense, because you're correct, that is the same as rack and pinion in older car steering.

Basically I want to do the same setup as in the picture, but want to try getting some high temp suction device to pull IC off boards should I use a hot air pencil.

Check out used microscopes for parts.  You may find something with an X/Y rack and pinion stage + the up and down for very cheap.

Even if you find something suitable, you won't be happy with it for a vertical axis moving anything of significant mass, without either a counterweight or a near constant force spring mechanism (e.g. a clockspring) to take most of the weight off the rack & pinion.  As-is, I'd bet it has to have very high friction just to stay put, which you have to fight against for every upwards movement.


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