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who would have thought high silver brazing rod is faked online

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so I got some high silver braze from I believe amazon. I have the same piece of stainless steel I made some parts from last year. I cleaned it just as good and fluxed it plenty. Gets nice and hot and the braze just beads up on the surface like its dirty.

So if you are doing something that needs the silver, go to the store or get manufacturer direct.  |O
The "harris" brand is not going to help you in those web stores.

Who would have thought that a brazing alloy would not be faked from an unknown source?

I did not think they would be replacing the contents of legitimate harris boxes at pretty much market value price. I was just too lazy, there was no savings. And uh quarantine.

Like I guess you can switch labels or get a blow molding machine or whatever? (its blow mold I think, the square harris tubes). Ugh. I just made a gnarly overkill weld on it...very over built so my project will be OK but that is like 100$ down the drain.

I'm not the slightest bit surprised. Silver is expensive, I would expect there to be a large selection of silver solders and brazing fillers that lie about the percentage of silver they contain.

I wonder if its a repackaging operation or if they are making fake harris boxes though. Harris switched to these rectangle tubes for small quantities (used to be cylinder tubes with rubber caps).

If you want to stay sane with brazing stuff, keep samples around of your materials and stock, don't use the very last rod up all the way. That way you can compare. I think I have a few tiny pieces left behind that were supposed to go into a improvised holder maybe.

Did not think I would thinking about running a evidence locker....


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