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Why we hate engineers (Machining)

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--- Quote from: IanB on March 13, 2023, 06:11:04 am ---Also think about maintenance, like the auto mechanic who has to disassemble half the engine to replace a simple part like a water pump gasket.

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Ugh, I could say the same goes for laptops. I once had to service this one laptop from HP. It was my mother's laptop, and I only needed to clean the CPU fan of dust. I *literally* had to take the whole damned thing apart to be able to access it... remove the back cover, remove the keyboard, remove the DVD unit, battery, ram sticks, detach the screen, remove the motherboard, and finally the CPU copper bar. Then reassemble it all. The whole situation could have been avoided, if the case designer simply added a small hole/cover on the bottom plastic case where the CPU fan is located.


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