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Z axis diving with THC150 and mach3


Hey there,

I'm not sure this is the right forum to talk about this but who knows if anyone know Mach3  ;D

I'm on my way to finish a CNC plasma cutter with a boilermaker.
We are using Mach3 R3.043.066 is used to control the CNC and we are using a THC150 (proma) for the height control.

When launching the job, the Z axis got a problem: it diving linearly until touching the plate.
On Mach3, when we launch the job we can visulizing the heigh constant, then at the end we observe the Z value decremented at once.
It is like the Z motor needs to be calibrate or corrected by an offset, something like this...

The fact is it work on manual mode.

Is anybody recognize this issue?
Do you have any idea what's happening could happening ?

Please let me now if you can help me.

Is there some homing Gcode in there that is sending the Z axis down possibly? Since it works in manual mode.
Should be fairly obvious if the relays are clicking on for Z up or Z down

Probably better forum to ask on is cnczone

I sent a message in a bottle... Like Sting would say ::)


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