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Thanks, fixed.

Could ADR1399 be added to LM399 links?
Siglent meters?
Thanks for this great help!
What about ADR1000?

TiN - suggesting a couple of threads which I believe belong in your repository:

* Linear LTZ1000/LTZ1000A: https://www.eevblog.com/forum/metrology/agilent-keysight-03458-66509-dcv-reference-pca-for-3458a/. It's a thread that puts good effort in compacting and boiling down essential information for building a simple LTZ1000/A 10V reference kit. The humongous equivalent thread is very difficult to navigate.
* Other meters: https://www.eevblog.com/forum/metrology/prema-6048-teardown/. By far the best thread on this meter, including thorough analysis of its performance, issues (INL!), and even modifications intended to cure its design issues. A lot of good work put in this long-ish thread.


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