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[QUESTION] Saving the display during remote data acquisition


doktor pyta:
Many of us use nice and expensive multimeters for data logging during long period of time.
Do You have any hints (commands/ tricks) to make the display blank during  acquisition ?

This particularly is related to:
Keithley 2000, 2015, 2010, 2001, 2002 and similar
Datron 1071, 1081 and similar (with neon display)
Datron 1271, 1281 and similar
HP 34401A, 3458A and similar
Advantest R6581T

As an owner of Datron 1271 I must admit that I haven't found any suitable GPIB command in the user's manual so I added little switch that turns off power for heaters of two VFD displays.

For some of these DMMs it may be a good idea to take over control over the display using GPIB command and send text filling the display with multiple 'space' character.

Your comments and suggestions are welcome.

TiN mentions in his review-repair of the 3458A command: DISP OFF,'    '


:disp:enab off command works for Keithley 2000, 2015, 2010 (supported both by RS-232 and GPIB) ...

K200X\K24XX (I believe also 26XX, but did not check, as I have none of those beasts):

kei.write(":DISP:WIND:TEXT:DATA \" \";STAT ON;")
kei.write(":DISP:WIND2:TEXT:DATA \" \";STAT ON;")


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