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10V 40mA DC Calibrator in Elektor Magazine





I think there could be a potendial problem with the protection: The clamping at the output may be sufficient if the circuit is power powered, but with no power or a lower voltage (e.g. during turn off / turn on), the ouput votlage can exceed the supply of the chips.  One may still get away with this - depends on the chips.

Given the price for the 2 ppm/K resistors it is a rather strange way to generate the +-10.5 V. The simpler choice would have been 3 x 7 V ref in series and than just get the center right.  I guess 3 x LM399 would have been easier.

One can use LT5400 resistor matching network, its not expensive. That's what is done in SRS DC205, which has a very similar design.


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