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3458A autozero on/off for uV measurements

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Has anyone seen or have a copy of this paper? I requested a copy but got no response.


--- Quote ---Two setting states, auto-zero on (AZ-ON) and off (AZ-OFF) are tested and one important conclusion derived is that the state of AZ-OFF has a more extensive potential of performing to the full specifications for measurements of ?V level dc voltage than that of AZ-ON
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With AZ off the measurement rate will be approximately twice that with AZ on thus reducing noise in the measurment by sqrt(2) - but AZ should remove a lot of the 1/f noise which I assumed would more than offset the lower sampling rate especially when measuring over very long periods (minutes).

Can anyone suggest why disabling AZ might improve uV measurments?

If someone let Usain Bolt to run 10,000 meters, no one will say it's good idea.

Same applies for 3458A that the 10V DC range with NPLC=100 is at its best.

What is the point of testing an 3458A on 0.1V range with NPLC=1?

I think that the text implies AZ on results in worse results than AZ ON when doing low voltage measurements (such as e.g. using the meter as a null-meter for voltage comparisions in a bridge). That would be unexpected. NPLCs is a different storry. Seems the text is available for 30usd download or 4usd rent (haven't tried yet).

Dr. Frank:
If somebody has a university library account, it's accessible for free..

I got the file. If anyone interested, drop me a message with e-mail.


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