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5440B Auction Score: Sometimes you're the bat, sometimes you're the ball

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I think this might be one of those times where I'm the bat. I sent my 5440B/AF into Fluke to get calibrated and they told me that there seemed to be a problem with the high voltage relays.

"Damn" I thought because getting parts was probably going to be expensive. At the same time I was thinking that I saw a not-working 5440B come up for auction. So I grabbed that just in case I needed a donor unit.

It turns out they were able to just give the relays a clean and my 5440B/AF should be available shortly with a complete manufacturer calibration.

This non-working unit was also missing it's fuse holder (I wonder why that is, my other one was also missing the holder) so I got a replacement, fixed up the filter that was pinning the fan in place and powered the unit up.

After an hour or so I checked the voltages and for 10V I'm seeing:

I might have lucked myself into another 5440B for $65 plus shipping.

I'm so chuffed, I just had to share. I'm going to leave it sitting on the bench for a few more hours (Dr Frank suggested 4 for my other unit) and then I'll run both the 5440B & 3458A through their autocal routines and measure again.


Damn, That is some good luck. I will give you $100 for it.

I think you did really well. But if you tried it again, it would probably fail (you would end up with a duff one). I.e. it was a FLUKE! (*cough*).

I bought my second 5440B for the same reason.
The first thing I did was to remove all the relays and clean them because some experienced repairmen told me so.

Thanks everyone - I completely agree that it was a total Fluke...

I'm not sure I really need two though - Zlymex, what are you using the two for? Did you get an B/AF or just B's?




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