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AC equivalent for the 5440b/af

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Hi all,

I managed to luck into a Fluke 5440B/AF. It does DC to 7.5 digits according to the manual.

Is there a matching AC one? I can't find anything close other than the 5500+ series and I'm not going to get one of those for $200.

Just hoping that I could have both AC & DC for less than an arm and a leg.



You have a couple of choices depending on how much AC output you need.

Fluke 5200A. It is limited to 120VAC. You will need a separate amplifier to reach ~1000V.

Datron 4200A. With all options it will take up less space than F5200A with F5205A/F5215A amplifiers.

F5100B with 4.5 digit output but gives you wideband if you have the added option. Nice for RF voltmeter calibration.

I am sure there are more, but these have been available for quite a while and certainly cost less than a F5500 series.

Thanks - Everything other than the Fluke 5200 was in the "way too much money" category.

I'll see if I can score one of those to go with the 5440.

They look nice but the reason I went with a F5100 was that I also got the DCI, ACI, and resistance capabilities. My first calibrator is the F5440B and I have no plans on getting rid of it.

BTW, I have a collection of equipment racks getting full of gear so you may want to keep an eye open for something. It is addictive...

Thanks - As a NOOB on this calibration stuff, is it possible to increase the apparent accuracy of the calibrator through measuring with additional equipment?

For example, the 5100B is stated to be for calibrating 4.5 digit equipment - If I had a DMM that was calibrated and could say read to 85 digits, would I be able to use the two of them to calibrate something rated to 7.5 digits?

While it clearly is a lot more complicated than this, isn't the basic idea:

1. Create voltage
2. Measure that voltage to a given accuracy
3. Measure that voltage again with the DUT
4. Adjust DUT until it's reading is within it's accuracy spec



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