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AD4630-24 new SAR ADC from Analog Devices

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--- Quote from: KT88 on September 26, 2021, 09:47:58 pm ---The pinout isn't all that bad...the inputs are situated at an outer row (1) surrounded by GND-pins. The interface pins are also 1st and second row (7+8) to the edge. Placing some test points close to the package still gets you closeer to the die than in any other 64-pin package.
To get to such specs a more traditional package would possibly result in slightly inferiour specs...

--- End quote ---

And this ADC has even the capacitors integrated... 2 uF for the reference, 1 uF for VDD5 and VDD1_8 and 0.2 uF for VDDIO.
IOGND and GND are shared. Many (prototype) pcb manufacturers have 0.1 mm width and spacing nowadays as standard so no problem and for prototyping one might get even away with simple vias as pads (0.2 mm drill and 0.1 mm annular ring) and solder them from the bottom.


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