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Normally not available anymore  :horse:

This ic was used in the venerable Geller lab SVR-T in ceramic version.

But I order 5 IC's from Aliexpress, I don't no if they are new, used, fake but I'll take the risk since it is cheap  :-DD


I took a similar risk on a few LQ's from taobao.  I plugged them into my old Geller Labs reference board and they seemed to be wandering around.  I intend to take a closer look at them soon but it appears they could be fake or have been damaged.

However, the AD586LQ's I ordered don't seem to be wandering, so maybe it wasn't totally a bust?

Good luck!


--- Quote from: eurofox on April 19, 2018, 02:38:46 pm ---but I'll take the risk since it is cheap

--- End quote ---

I hope it is worth the effort that you need to distinguish them from  being genuine.
Some tips for quick checks:
- test the 1/f noise (perhaps they have sold a bandgap reference which has a factor 3-5 more noise).
- test the pin voltages (especially pin 8 the internal divided reference voltage and pin 3 which is usually the temperature output pin on cheaper band gaps).

I personally do not believe that you can get genuine unobtanium devices.

with best regards


Got from Aliexpress the message  :blah: :blah: :blah: :blah:
I think the guy who try to sell this did not finally manage to get some of those litlle bad boy's  :-DD

But I found a company that can supply them, after 4 weeks delay .......

I will check them, they look genuine and it they are good I will post the place  :-DMM

I'm looking at the specs and I don't see a lot of difference between AD587L and AD587U.

If the L version is not available anymore why not simply use the U version ?


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