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Adjusting Quadrature Level on a 5200A


Hi All,

I thought I might finally try to adjust my 5200A and I'm doing the full list - I'm at 4-71 Frequency Accuracy and Quadrature Level Calibration.

Para I. tells me to turn A2 & A3 in opposite directions to get an output of 9V-11V (I'm using a normal meter rather than a differential one on J65 if that matters) and nothing I do can get the level down to below 12.48V - Frequency I can get bang on to 800KHz.

Is there another adjustment I've missed or does this level just matter to devices I may connect to the quadrature out (J65)? IF so then I can safely move on at this stage because I don't have anything to connect to that.



Well I just answered my own question on that I think - I attached a meter to the outputs to measure while I changed A2 and going from fully CCW to fully CW introduces about a 10mV difference in the output. A3 alone does a similar thing.

Any suggestions on where to poke to bring that output down to spec? Or can I really just ignore it.




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