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because it is already hard to find in other posts
here a short update on the availability situation:

yesterday I received a mail from AD:

Hi Marcus,
We are glad you enjoyed the presentation.
I have an update regarding purchases through ADI and not traditional Distribution channels.

You can also purchase via Buy Online:
Buy Online would be the only option for using a credit card (credit card orders are no longer managed by ADX Group since the LTC-ADI acquisition).   They can visit  Analog.com and Register for a myAnalog Account.  They can then add Materials to their Cart and purchase them with a Credit Card (Buy Online does not offer any Payment Terms).

Minimum Order Qty: 5 units.

The unit price for the ADR1000AHZ is $61.67

and today AD just gave me the following information:

"Hi again Marcus
I’m having some difficulties launching this from a logistics side.
I have a meeting with the logistics team this morning.
Very sorry for the confusion.   Please stand-by, and share this note, if possible, to others."

Therefore please be patient, AD is trying to help us.

just in case the min. order quantity is to high for a member, I am sure that local group buys can be organized

I am willing to try to do that, but only if it will not end as a massive stampede and I can handle it during my rare spare time

Same here for UK. I'll be ordering some and don't mind adding a few on for others here.


When available I can help folks purchase in the U.S....

Is granularity 5,6,7,8 or 5,10,15,20? anyone know?



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