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--- Quote from: bsdphk on August 31, 2021, 05:02:19 pm ---You can get them as pipes, sticks, granules, sheets, foils, tapes, but not as a solid 5cm cube.

If you find something 5cm thick, it is likely to be at least 40cm on the two other dimensions, and weigh so much the postman will hate you forever.

(Cutting 5cm thick polymer takes a really good wide-toothed high-speed circular saw. Too low speed or too thin-toothed and the friction will melt the polymer and your saw will get stuck.  Do not ask me how I know this :-)

--- End quote ---

What?  ???

Foam isn't that difficult to source. Here is an 8x8x8 inch^3 polyurethane cube for example:

As for cutting... please don't use a power saw. Instead, use something like a (hot) knife and cut manually:


Tip: If you use a hot knife (or a cheap soldering iron), do not keep it in one position too long or you might start a fire :-DD

Foam will only give you high thermal resistance (= bad conduction), you need a solid to get high thermal impedance (= resistance to change).

The day before Chinese National Day, I received a gift from ADI.  :-DD :-DD :-DD

hmmm date code 2108, thats two people with the later date code


--- Quote from: wolfy007 on September 30, 2021, 02:13:09 pm ---hmmm date code 2108, thats two people with the later date code

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Make that three. Got delivery today of 10 pcs w/ DC 2108.


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