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ADR1000AHZ Group buy EU only - CANCELLED -

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--- Quote from: Extrasolar on November 04, 2021, 10:13:23 pm ---... and the actual circuit :D

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Maybe start an ADR1001 thread? For that eval, LTM8048 DC-DC converter module 1cm away from the reference IC? Really? I would say there will be an EMI problem. It's variable freq. flyback and I'd guess under 100kHz with no datasheet info about the isolation capacitance. There are these things called ferrite beads, CM chokes necessary but even then, the 20 pin LCC package is not great despite the high price.

Most of us would like something that performs to its best, over being small and cute with extra marketing. What's wrong with Club TO-99? Great package. It solders better than a through-hole SMA lol.

Hello all,

Arrow Poland agreed to arrange this but order lead time is about 10 weeks

Any one wants to join group buy?

For me it would say the same if the price is not significantly higher: 1 peice if that is possible.


--- Quote from: vonB on November 12, 2021, 11:00:53 am ---Any one wants to join group buy?

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Delivery only within the EU? Or is it possible to Belarus?

I can ship to Belarus as well


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