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ADR1001 - Ovenized Voltage Reference System

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Yes I do, the ambient vs board temperature difference depends on the exact position of the box in the workspace, however. The average difference is 14.72C with 0.18C stddev.
PS: the Vcc of the board dropped down by 1mV since the start of logging.

Any hint from people who know? How are the two ground pins REF_GND (14 and 15) wired inside the chip? Are those pins electrically equivalent? Or, are those pins wired to different internal blocks? Is there any DS recommendation how to wire them?

Is there any form of datsheet available yet??

both ref_gnd are electrically equivalent and are connected internally. They seem to be tied nearer to there own nodes for sensing but it is not clearly stated which is which.

the datasheet isnt going to be public too soon.

From ADI:

--- Quote ---pin 14 and 15 split static voltage reference ground currents. We doubled up the pins to half bondwire and lead resistance as they carry large tempcos which are of course undesirable.
--- End quote ---


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