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ADR1001 - Ovenized Voltage Reference System

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I do 1-2 days only so far. Running it for 2 weeks at 100NPLC would require logging directly from the MCU onto an SDcard I do not have wired in yet. The logging via bluetooth into the smartphone (I've been doing now) is not reliable enough for such long term exercises. But what I can see so far the voltage sits on that value for several days and does a random walk within say +/-0.5ppm (raw not filtered) around the value based on the pops inside the references and EMI around.


--- Quote from: ramon on November 25, 2023, 03:26:24 pm ---That is wonderfully flat. Can you plot two weeks?

--- End quote ---

This is a week of data, 100NPLC HP34401A.

So Oct. 2023 passed and ADR1001 still isn't available at ADI website. But it seems like ADI sent 10 sample in November to someone in Shanghai, China (Leo Guo?).

Yet no sample order possible for me  :(


I think those came through a back channel?  In the video they were packaged as loose pieces in the ESD bag, no label just felt pen writing on the ESD bag. A bit suspect.
That was in a blank U-Line (Canada) bubble mailer envelope, inside a DHL bag, inside a DHL box. A bit suspect.

Has anyone tried getting a quote on them from mainstream distributors?
edit: Could request an update either on the ADI voltage reference forum or contacting the team.
I suspect this part has LT roots, could go after the LT engineers for answers, the few that survived.

Based on my info from ADI the planned release is FEB 2024.


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