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ADR1001 - Ovenized Voltage Reference System

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FYI - attached a short presentation from ADI on the upcoming ADR1001..

What a time to be alive.  :)
Considering the fact that its using a LCC-package and the time it apparently takes for the ADR1000AHZ to reach stability and feel cozy, i assume it wont replace Fluke 732s and PWMed LM399/ADR1399 any time soon.
Maybe more suitable as a less stable version of the LTZ1000 for stuff like ADCs/DACs such as AD5791 and AD4630-24.
Opinions on it and its purpose?
But it will surely be interesting to see what exact specs it claims. :popcorn:

We should wait on the DS..
Btw, is that a typo in the internal schematics? I would wire it this way..

Finally the gossips around ADR1001 become reality. It seems that AD follows their initial roadmap.
Lets wait one more week and see the datasheet - it is still 21th of September :-)
Personal for me ADR1001 and low cost LM399/5V makes more sense.
They can be connected to the modern world as opposed to dinosaurs versions LTZ1000/LM399/ADR1001/1399
They are also attractive from business perspective - high quantity mass production
@Echo88 - What about redesigning of our fresh HPM7177 circuit?

I think they have made the ADR1000 more or less obsolete at this point because why would you need it. LTZ1000/A's are still in production for those who want that and ADR1001 has all the stuff you want all in a juicy ceramic ppm safe package


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