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Advantest R6581 8.5 digit DMM mini teardown/repair

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--- Quote from: Bobertsawesome on September 01, 2022, 10:45:55 am ---

When running the diag procedure on boot I get weird values for the INTERNAL readout:

* x1Zero_01 : -0.02xx V
* x1Zero_02 : 2.9485xxx V
* x10Zero : 294.76xxx mV
* x100Zero : 29.47xxx mV
* 7.2Vref : 10.02929xx V
* -10Vref : -6.88504xx V
* -1Vref : -687.893xx mV
* -0.1Vref : -68.82xxx mV
* Int_temp : ~65 C - Seems correct, responded appropriately to external heating

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Hi Bobert,

Those values are very similar to my own R6581T. Not sure how to fix them either! I have tried a lot of physical modifications/probing that you can read about above.

Perhaps you can share your EEPROM data as described by Mickle T's 'service manual.' We might identify similarities.

We will get through this.

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Hi Leigh,

Just want to confirm if your DMM is making it past the self-check? I intend on ordering a JBC tweezer station that I have been putting off until I really needed it, and I think now is the time. If all else fails, I will do some sweeping replacements of passive components in the ADC section.

I got some replacement ROMs to reprogram my self-induced failure of EPROM0 before continuing with measurements.

Hello ,
I haven't read all the correspondence, but there's a long talk here.
I need support with Fluke 8508A, can you give me some ideas?
The device gives error 9005.4 In guard error line, it also gives a lot of error in Ohm, DCV and other steps. But the device did not give an error when it warmed up.
I fixed this error caused by the A4 card, now everything is fine and the self test is completed without any problems.
When I want to do a adjustment calibration for ACV, I get the below error message during 100mV 60 Khz calibration. (AC 200mV range)
Can you comment on this topic?

Mickle T.:
Advantest R6581 and Fluke 8508A are very different beasts.

HFTRIM CAL 2003 error is listed in Datron 1281 Service Manual.


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