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--- Quote from: Majorassburn on April 16, 2024, 08:23:43 pm ---
--- Quote from: tggzzz on April 16, 2024, 03:18:39 pm ---
--- Quote from: tatel on April 16, 2024, 01:59:57 pm ---So yeah, tggzzz's comments can be not always the most adequated ones, but at least I have seen him stating he had been made aware he was wrong. That's something I have still not see coming from you. I'm sure you are able to simply state your goals, letting aside any aggresivity, probably originated from any perceived attack to the quality of your product. I for one would greatly appreciate that. Otherwise I'll stick with the people that isn't selling anything. just saying.

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Where I'm not reasonably sure of something, I'll either not comment or I'll add caveats. When I realise I've made a mistake, I don't try to revise history, and I do try to apologise. IMHO constructive conversations cannot occur without that.

I'm very tolerant of beginners asking information, provided they listen to the answers, and think. Watching someone's capabilities improve is a profound pleasure.

We all make mistakes; that's part of learning. However, as I taught my daughter, "let's make new mistakes".

I'm less tolerant of people who don't listen[3], or don't learn, or choose not to improve, or do who misrepresent other people's position[1], or who continue to misrepresent their product[2] (typically to ignorant managers).

I've spent a lifetime being plagued by salesman/companies who make impossible claims for their products. I know others feel the same!

[1] often in the form of chosing to omitting relevant context, or with strawman arguments

[2] e.g. if their product does what they claim, then they've solved the Byzantine General's problem or the split brain problem, or broken the laws of thermodynamics etc.

[3] possibly due to the Dunning-Krueger syndrome

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TO TGGZZZ:  Please either contribute something sane, meaningful, helpful and relevant to this thread discussion or else take your thread-clogging demented crap to some other thread. Thank you.

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Noted, so even if you "rewrite the history" of your own posts again, the trail won't disappear. For example...

--- Quote from: Majorassburn on April 15, 2024, 05:24:56 pm ---...
EDIT: deleted an asinine reference I made to his homeland. Sorry. Temper got the best of me for a moment.

--- End quote ---

(Kudos is due for making the change explicit :) )

Hint: your not liking something doesn't make it invalid. The name of Al Gore's movie springs to mind: "An Inconvienient Truth".


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