Author Topic: Any low cost multimeter calibration services?  (Read 3156 times)

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Re: Any low cost multimeter calibration services?
« Reply #25 on: October 27, 2021, 08:52:59 pm »
Stack of Fluke 5440B/AF that agree with each other, my totally own 10V, who cares about the NIST volt ;-) for DC standard and don't care about the rest, as long as not totally out of whack.
I like/need high resolution DMMs mostly for resolution and convince/speed, like to measure voltage drop to find short circuits, resistance/voltage drop over high power rails, RDS in power Mosfets, measure linearity in ADCs....
Doesn't matter a bit in these applications if the reference is off by a few ppm, I certainly won't feed any of my precious cash to Keysight suckers for that. I rather invest in a nice stack of Fluke 5440s ;-)

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Re: Any low cost multimeter calibration services?
« Reply #26 on: October 27, 2021, 09:04:10 pm »
... did not make any attempt to answer the question....
To be absolutely clear, what i am saying is that they did answer your question, but not in the way you expect.  You are asking for good, cheap calibration service but have not defined what is good, or cheap.  Take a little look at my list and define what you expect for what money.

... pointing out that there might be incompetent calibration houses adds FUD....
I did not say incompetent.  I said ignorant.  What i mean is that calibration houses will perform there 'standard' service either ignorant that this might NOT be the service you want.  Or in the absence of agreement cut procedures, calculations and traceability information where it wasn't requested.

Here is an example:
Calibration company A is one-man-band, picked up a calibrator on Ebay and then start advertising to do DMM calibration.
Calibration company B is a team working to accredited standard (assume some national or international standard).

You ask both for "Calibration and Adjust, Before and After Results.  Use manufactures spec x for adjustment and either manufacturer verification or suggested points y".

.... which one has the cheapest quote? Which one do you want to use?

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