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Agilent metal work whisker growth (34420a)


 Owners of Agilent and HP branded meters take note:
When servicing a 34420a at work I discovered extensive metallic crystal growth on the shield plate covering the display PCA.
See pictures, which is the best I could get and that still doesn't show the full extent of the length of the whiskers.
Having found that I opened another Agilent 34420 and an earlier HP one and both had the same issue although to a lesser extent on the HP !.
Out of interest I also checked the inside of a 34401a and the same growth could be seen on the mains transformer casing.
These meters have lived the greater part of their existence in 50% humidity and 21 deg C temps.

 A couple of years back I posted about an Agilent ARB that was killed by these metallic growths getting into the power supply, driven by the internal fan :(.
I would recommend checking your expensive hobby gear for any 'metallic' issues , if you haven't already !.


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