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Another Fluke 5440B/AF Repair

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I think I'm done ...

I've given up trying to match the brown key caps and created a nice dark grey which I think looks great. I'm not entirely happy with the "div" key, but I'm not doing it again, and one of the three menu buttons is slightly sticky so I should have replaced the switch for that ... I'll do it next time I open it up.

Other than that I'm pretty pleased with the front panel now -- before and after photos attached.

Everything is working nicely, on to some testing!

That's an excellent job. My hat is off to you.  :-+

Just milled a new display window for another cheap 5440B from ebay on my FP4NC.
Used dark grey 3mm plexiglass window from ebay ($20), looks better than new, IMO.

Unfortunately also missing the EMI wire screen, no idea if I should replace it with stainless/copper wire mesh from ebay or just glue it in place without EMI wire mesh??
Got a quote from some China company for new real EMI wire mesh, $280. Total ripoff!

Apart from that, that's my 4th fully functional Fluke 5440B  ;D

Very nice!

What was the reason for milling? Just a thickness difference? I don’t recall there being any indents on there.

Reason for milling/routing: much quicker, easier and much more accurate than by hand with hacksaw and files ;-)

Somehow you can only get 3mm Acrylic, think the original window is 2mm, but not sure.
First plan was to mill the window down to 2mm, where it contracts the front frame, so the window would sit at a millimeter deeper than with 3mm Acrylic.
But when I tried it, the 3mm version was flush with the rest of the front panel, probably because I left out the EMI screen, so I just glued it in place.
No EMI screen shouldn't matter that much, Keithley 2000 and friends don't have them either...


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