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Any low cost multimeter calibration services?

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I have a few old multimeters (Fluke 8840A, Advantest R6552) that still work well, but are many years past their last calibration.  There's not much point in using 5.5 or 6.5 digits if you can't trust the last few digits.  Are there are any US-based calibration services that are low enough in cost to make these worth calibrating?  If so, recommendations would be much appreciated; thanks!

All you need is one meter with a lot better accuracy.  Cheaper to buy used than to pay for a calibration.  I use my HP 3456A for sanity checks on all my dc meters.

Thanks @bob91343.  I'm not just looking for a sanity check, but to calibrate the meters so that when I use them, I know the readings are accurate.  Buying another meter that is in calibration and has enough additional digits to properly cal 5.5 digit meters is going to be pretty expensive and would still leave me needing to read the service manuals and perform the calibration.  Cal services will have high accuracy standards and a good tech will have calibrated many of these meters so they can do it quickly.  I could certainly do it myself given enough time and high quality standards (I calibrate my OCXO counters using rubidium and GPSDO sources), but I'm interested in finding out whether there are US-based services that could cal these meters at a price that makes sense; if you hear of any, please let me know; thanks again!

I'm afraid that calibration is not what you think it is

--- Quote ---Calibration is defined as a set of operations that establish, under specified conditions, the relationship between the values of quantities indicated by a measuring instrument or measuring system and the corresponding values realised by standards.

Sometimes, however, the word calibration is misused to describe the process of altering the performance of an instrument to ensure that the values it indicates are correct within specified limits (e.g. adjusting an instrument until its reading agrees with that of another instrument). Strictly speaking this is adjustment.

--- End quote ---


@ogden "calibration service" is EXACTLY what I think it is.

When it comes to multimeters, and most electronics equipment, "calibration service" is pervasively understood to mean the process of comparing a DUT to a reference standard AND adjusting it so that its measurements match the standard within the equipment's specifications.  Every sticker on lab equipment indicates "Calibrated MM/YYYY", not "Adjusted MM/YYYY".  If I asked for "Adjustment Service", no one would know what I was talking about.

Fluke (a company with some familiarity with multimeters) offers "Calibration Services": https://www.fluke.com/en-us/support/calibration-services
Keysight (another company with a modicum of electronics experience) also offers "Calibration Services": https://www.keysight.com/us/en/products/services/calibration-services.html

So again, I'm looking for a US-based test lab that provides Calibration Service for older multimeters at a price that makes sense.


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