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Anyone have more than one 3457a and compared their DC readings?

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Just picked up another 3457a and noticed that it seemed a bit more noisier than my existing meter.
Let them warm up for a couple of hours and then fed them both 1V and logged a little data for the 3V and 30V ranges. Both meters are 2703A serial numbered.

Just curious if anyone else has done a comparison.

Edit: 3457a settings were AZERO=ON, MATH=OFF, NRDGS=1, NPLC=10, FIXEDZ=OFF,;NDIG=6



I have only one 3457A but mine is much noiser/unstable than my 3456A (in 10V Range). I've attached a short comparison in with 1V and 10V from my Fluke 343A. Both meters are configured to 10 NPLC.

Is the 3456 a cleaner trace because 10v input is at the top of the selected DC range whereas 10V on the 3457 is only 1/3 of the selected range?

I've spent some time this evening cleaning the A2 board and the holes in the input hybrid.
30V range with 1V input as before with log data after cleaning overlaid. It has made quite a difference, but i still have the odd spike here an there.
Much better than it was though :)

I think the noise is more related to this "divide and then amplify again" input in the 30V range. In other meters (3456A, 3458A, 34401A) the 10V input goes directly to the ADC.

Your cleaning results are quite impressive. Do you use IPA for cleaning?


--- Quote from: e61_phil on April 26, 2016, 07:56:19 am ---Your cleaning results are quite impressive.
--- End quote ---
I'm so pleased my wife doesn't read this forum  :-DD

I put the A2 and Vreference  in a plastic container with 500ml of IPA.  Stood the A2 board on one end and spent about 20-25 minutes washing the IPA over both sides of the board with a new paint brush.  To clean the input hybrid i used string soaked in IPA to pull through the holes.


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