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AT&T - Efratom RFG-RB Rubidium Frequency Standard


Hello all,

Anyone out here know where I can get documentation on one of these Rubidium standards? Information is pretty sparse on these units, mostly what I'm looking for is which Efratom rubidium module is likely to be installed in this unit.


Mine has an Efratom Rb Part no. 102100-003.

The front panel appears to be the same as the Lucent badged unit, but the insides are different. Mine has 2 PCB's, the Lucent has only 1.

Link to Lucent model...


Attachments show my unit.

Thanks for the reply. The unit I purchased is identical to the one in the link but says AT&T in place of the Lucent badge. I have been unable to find any users or operation manuals on this unit, the only info I can find just refers to the units ability to ad a slave unit and or a GPS receiver. I asked the seller if they might be able to provide any additional information on the unit but have yet to receive a response. I am currently waiting on shipping and wanted to get as much information as I could.

That's interesting. I was assuming that all the AT&T were the same, but obviously not. As you have discovered, info on either variant of these units is hard to come by. At least Ivan has provided you with a circuit diagram for your version.

I'll have to fire mine up again & check the quality of all of the outputs, as my circuit is different to the one in the article. I dont have the second MMIC in the 15MHz output (just U3, a MAR-3). Also, my 10MHz output goes straight to U1, pin 16 (via W1), with no resistor in the path.

Be interesting to probe the RF output of the Rb itself, before being processed by the microcontroller.

Bought mine 15 years ago for around $150 from China.

As a point of clarification mine is the two board version, there is a access hole on the top to adjust the C-Field if needed.


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