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Best practice for Keithley 2001 voltnut style measurement?



I have a very stable and well aged Fluke 8845a, an even more aged and stable 34401a and a pretty new DMM6500.

I found a pretty good deal on a Keithely 2001 and though i should upgrade my volynuttery with one more digit. I was well aware that Keithley 2001 is considered noisy, but though I could remedy that with long integration times and long averaging filtering. It shows out that K2001 suffer from severe low frequency "noise" i.e. short to medium term drift and i get much more useful volt nut style measurements with my Fluke 8845a using the statistics function and read average which gives 7.5 digit.

What is the recommended setup of Keithely 2001 for as good as possible volt nut style measurements in terms of PLC, averaging filter, line sync and other settings? Any other tweaks that can be done?


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