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BK Precision 9130 / ITECH IT6300 Calibration

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Hello, I have a few BK Precision 9130's that I want to calibration. I got the software and instructions for calibration by messaging BK customer service.
However I can't figure out how to make it work. I configure the port to the same settings as the 9130. The 9130 enters remote mode. But none of the buttons on the software do anything, they all remain grayed out. I've read and re-read the instructions several times, but I don't see that I'm missing anything.
Does anyone have experience with this software?

I thought at first something was wrong with my cable, because I was using a homemade TTL communication cable instead of the BK Precision isolated one. However I went ahead and bought the isolated adapter and it's still not working.

Maybe you can share software and instruction. I have Keithley 2230 (same thing, rebranded ITECH but 3 channels) and could try it.
It's really a shame that calibration procedures are restricted behind red tape and not publicly available.
Wished I knew better about this dodgy practice and stayed away from such products.  :-//

Sure, I'll share. Though I'd be surprised about the Keithley. It seems to have a different front panel from what I see.

I looked up a teardown and theres some differences internally. Input protection PCB and USB, but might be mods from Keithley. A look at the back shows a "Factory Use Only" DB9. If it is from ITech that would be their TTL communication. It's not RS232.

You can use IT's isolated adapter Model IT-E132B

Or you can do what I did and buy a 5V TTL pigtail and a DB9 breakout.

Pinout is 1 - 5V, 2 - TXD, 3 - RXD, 5 - GND, else NC

The file's too big to share here so here's a link


I have a partly faulty BK9130 and a few IT-E132 cables, so I'm happy to give this a go.
The PSU is currently in bits in a box under one of my workbenches, and I won't have a chance to look at it for again for at least a week.

The Keithley 2230 might be a rebranded BK9130B which was an updated design and had a new rear panel layout with USB & a GPIB option that matches.


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