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Blackstack replacement - request advice


I have been tasked with replacing my company's two Fluke 1560 Blackstacks that we use for RTD calibration.  They are old and have more and more problems every year.  We have several hundred Class A, 4-wire, PT385 RTDs.

After looking around I can't really find anything comparable to the 1560s.  Fluke's recommended replacement, the 1586A doesn't seem like much of an upgrade.

Can anyone here recommend instrumentation they've worked with that would be a competent replacement? 

we use Met/Temp II for data logging.


I have used the 1586A's in the past they are good units when setup correctly.


--- Quote from: nugab2 on November 28, 2022, 05:28:18 pm --- Fluke's recommended replacement, the 1586A doesn't seem like much of an upgrade.

--- End quote ---
What kind of upgrade you are looking for? Accuracy, speed, channel count?

Fluke 1594A + 2590 Multiplexer gives you 13 channels and way better accuracy than 1586A but the price is also from different planet.

On the other hand if you need lots of channels but can cope with lower accuracy something like Keithley DAQ6510 could be suitable

It is hard to recommend without fully knowing what type of RTDs you want to calibrate, your accuracy requirements, connections, etc. Do you want them to calculate ITS-90/CVD coefficients in instrument? The black stack was great because the binding posts are right there on top and easy to connect to anything.

If you want to stick to Fluke, email temperaturesupport@flukecal.com and tell them exactly what you need. Shane or Emmanuel are very experienced engineers who can recommend you a product or answer questions.

Otherwise, you could also look at a readout + iPad/PC software to calculate the coefficients.


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