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Bye bye eevblog hello morphine (end of life care)

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Dear fellow EEVbloggers,
It is time to say thank you and goodbye with a special thanks to those who have helped to avoid lots of goodies ending up in the skip.

Meanwhile, here’s the last chance to plug my scribblings. Please spread far and wide.

Some practical tips on prototyping accurate analogue circuits: -


High Accuracy Electronic (@room temp). A collection of monographs on Inductive voltage dividers, ratio transformers and related circuits: -


ASL F series resistance bridge schematics and analysis: -


Plus practical tips on making the perfect rope (no kinks) and winding a ratio transformer - see attached.

Interesting material, collected together in one place :) Thanks

Obviously I haven't read it, but I liked "... the Wheatstone “bridge” was invented by Samuel Hunter Christie in 1833 but improved upon and popularised by Sir Charles Wheatstone ten years later. A simple version was still used in the “A” level syllabus as recently as the 1970s: a length of uniform resistance wire alongside a metre rule with copper connections and brass screw terminals mounted on a nice plank of wood. "

Only whinge: the filenames are a pain: they contain spaces and they aren't prefixed by the "part". Oh well :)

Out of curiosity, why are you departing?

@tggzzz - topic title should give a hint as to the reason :'(

Sengcid - thanks for your generosity with your contributions to EEVblog, the give-aways, and putting in the time to post items to myself and others.

Interesting material. Thank you very much for sharing this.

Sincerely thank you very much
I downloaded all of Mr.'s information, which enabled me to understand these wonderful circuit principles.
I feel that no other words can express my appreciation and sharing with you
Sincere blessings to you


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