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C5-60T precision wire-wound resistor

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doktor pyta:
Why semi-precision?
I'd say that hermetic sealing give them long term stability and make them suitable for metrology-grade applications.
P.S. I own 4 of these, all with T.C. of about 1ppm/C.

Mickle T.:
No problem to buy a slightly better "thing" :)

The digital readout on the meter is a good example of why we must be careful with majuscule and minuscule prefixes:
1 P \$\Omega\$ = 1 kV / pA = 1 V / fA.

Looks like they used some insulator made out of PEEK. Could you take a detailed picture of how the leads are attached to the bobbin and how they attached the wire to the leads? Thanks.



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